Laboratory Interface

Equipment Interface‘s Scope
Interface for instuments in hospital laboratory has resulted in rapid, accurate,verifiable information transfers between instruments & LIS.This has eliminated manual data entry that is prone to erros and timelines of patient care.
Pain points of manual system
● Incorrect test results updated against a patient report
● Repeating of tests already run for the same patient
● Delay in completing of test
● Mismatch of samples
● Lack of security
Laboratory Interface
An instrument interface is an automatic, electronic connection between analyzer and computer for the rapid, accurate exchange of information
● The clinical laboratory is essentiall in the information business, responsible for
translating physician orders into test result reports.
● Tremendous volume of data are to be processed by the laboratory
● LIS can dramatically reduce the clerical labor required to handle these informations
●Interfacing of laboratory instruments makes the system fast and accurate
● Both uni and bi directional instruments are interfaced
● HL-7 standard
Benefits of Laboratory Interface
●Error free reporting
●Saves time
●Improved efficiency
● Fully integrated to all departments of laboratory
● Easy implementation
● No paper records
● Quality of patient care

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