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What is .Net?

Internet framework (mentioned dot net) is a software framework advanced by way of Microsoft that runs frequently on Microsoft home windows.Net is the improvement platform utilized by thousands and thousands of builders to create apps and services on any device and OS, with exquisite overall performance and splendid developer productiveness.

Productivity by using Snovasys

Our.Net builders and experts enables you broaden high great, professional packages faster. Current language constructs like generics, language integrated query (LINQ), or sync support will make you efficient in commonplace application scenario IOS inclusive of multi-threading or information. Mixed with the sizable elegance libraries and the powerful tooling supplied through the visual studio own family, .Net is the maximum productive platform for builders.

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Overall performance

.Net is rapid. Simply rapid. Tool applications for home windows, IOS and android run natively so you can create wealthy and fluid apps that use all of the device capabilities. At the server facet, .Net center is breaking statistics and performs faster than another famous framework. Which means applications provide higher response instances and require much less compute electricity.

Any App and Platform .Net Frame Work

With .Net you may goal any utility type walking on any platform, reusing your abilities and code across all of them in a acquainted surroundings. From Mobile applications running on home windows, IOS and android to business enterprise server packages walking on windows server and Linux or excessive-scale micro services jogging inside the cloud, .Net affords a solution for you.

.Net framework

The .Net framework allows you create cellular, computer, and web programs that run on home windows desktops, gadgets and servers and it’s protected in visible studio.

.Net Core

.Net core and asp.Net core come up with a blazing fast and modular platform for growing server packages that run on home windows, Linux and mac.


Xamarin brings the energy and productiveness of .Net to IOS and android, reusing capabilities and code whilst getting access to the native APIs and performance.

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