Android App Development Tips to Follow for 2018 With the upsurge of smartphone users, there is an undeniable demand for more advanced and updated applications. Android occupies a whopping 80% of the mobile market, small to big organizations are developing apps or buying apps to increase reachability. The competition is obviously cut throat for Android developers, only apps that are robust and cater to increasing user demands make the cut. So for all those Android app developers who are planning to up their game in 2018 here are some tips. Design Smartphone hardware is advancing quickly, from large and high-resolution displays to advanced sensors, users have become critical to the visual layout and design of the apps they want. It is important for an app to be visually appealing; from color combinations to readability and clarity to the number of buttons and their size all play an important role. Objective While developing the app, target users of the app must be kept in mind, users want simplicity so the app should be able to provide just that. Making the app too flashy or giving unnecessary functions will only annoy users; your app should be very focused on its objective. Keep it short and simple, users prefer those apps that are quick to respond and easy to use. Minimize Mistakes Thorough testing is the only way to escape embarrassing bugs post-release, it is better to identify your mistakes and amend them before users come back. Reviews written by users are very important, take them seriously it may make your app less popular otherwise. Android studio is best for app development and the emulator is best for Android app testing to make use of these.

Testing to be effective should always be done with real devices; simulators can get you only so far. Update Like for software, regular updates and bug fixes are very important for mobile apps as well. Developing an app is not enough it should be updated regularly too, updates to match android OS updates and patches for bug fixes and new functionality must be released regularly to retain customer loyalty. Wearables CompatibilityAs the Internet of Things is making its way dominating the market, compatibility is one issue IOT devices are having a tough time dealing with. Understanding this requirement and exploiting it is the best tip anyone can give, wearables devices are hitting the market at a fast pace, keep your apps compatible to wearable devices so that user can access your app via wearables. Compatibility design issues related to small screen aesthetics of wearable devices must be kept in mind. Social It is an age of social networking, and users expect their devices and apps to be able to cater to enhance their social networking experience. Features providing users more ways of connecting and sharing data with their friends on their contact list should be a priority. Crosslinking apps, easy importing of contacts, friend’s reviews on products are some examples to give user a feeling of ownership. There are many more tips and advices to make your app a hit among android users, things like properly written user manual, subtle process flow, security etc… are a few to mention. With technology changing so fast, app developers need to keep updating themselves regularly to match the pace. -Smriti Dixit

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