Big Data Analytics

Leverage real-time data analytics tools for competitive advantage

Real time data analytics

Push big data analytics to Cloud

Microsoft Azure platform is pre-loaded with advanced analytics tools. Cortana Analytics is the latest flagship of this platform. We at Snovasys leverage this technology to deploy Advanced Data Analytical Solutions We integrate with Azure HDInsight and push data analytics to cloud so that customers can get them instantly. Besides, HDInsight makes Apache Hadoop available as a service which in turn manages, analyzes and reports on big data.

Big data Analytics

Ensure escalated business growth by deploying big data management

Enterprises stumble to analyze competitive data that are routed from smart grids, sensors, smart meters and RFID tags. The reason behind this is these data vary greatly in formats and channels. Hence, Business Intelligence (BI) is no longer adequate to handle the diversity of data.Our big data analytics experts can unleash the hidden pattern of different source data and can correlate between them to support your business decision. We empower enterprises through our big data management and analytics solution through predictive patterns.

Big data Consulting Services

Learn to deploy relevant tools and solutions

Enterprises often get confused about the approach of deploying relevant tools and solutions for big data analytics. The fact is this approach is vital for the enterprises seeking accelerated growth. Conventional analytics can’t predict future trends whereas BI cannot handle large data size. These obsolete approaches should be replaced with modern day Big Data Analytics tools.
We nurture a highly proactive approach in big data analysis that will satisfy the need for growth-hungry enterprises. Business owners can now identify the future trends through predictive analytics from real-time data.

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