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Skills & qualifications of our developers

Our team at Snovasys is very knowledgeable with extensive work experience. Each and every developer of our team is well-versed with excellent programming language skill. Some experiences of our developers are

  • Excellent commercial experience using C#
  • Experience in using HTML5 & CSS3
  • Experience of delivering public facing portals & websites for clients.
  • Excellent analytical & problem solving skills.
  • Delivering client side functionality by using JavaScript & jQuery.
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Get acquainted with ASP. NET MVC

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern distinguishes an application into 3 main components including the model, the view and the controller. ASP.NET MVC framework is an extremely lightweight and highly testable presentation framework that separates different aspects of the application. These aspects include input logic, business logic and UI logic. The framework provides a loose coupling between these elements and the logic is set by the specific pattern of the application. This feature between the three main components of an MVC application promotes parallel development as well. For instance, first developer can work on the view; second one can work on the controller logic while the third developer can focus on the business logic in the model—a perfect synchronization.


Advantages of ASP.NET MVC framework

This framework brings a lot of advantages for enterprises like

  • You can now manage the business complexity by dividing the application into the model, the view and the controller.
  • This framework doesnt use neither server-based forms nor view state forms. This facility is ideal for those developers who want full control over the behavior of an application.
  • This framework comes with a front controller feature for web application processing. As a result a developer can design an application with routing infrastructure.
  • ASP.NET MVC framework is probably the best for test-driven development which is commonly known as TDD.
  • Considering the enterprise level environment, this platform works well for web applications that are backed by large teams of developers who need a high degree of control over the general behavior of the applications.
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